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  5. "The tutor-slaves sleep."

"The tutor-slaves sleep."

Translation:Paedagogi dormiunt.

September 26, 2019



Paedagōgi: Greek and Roman eras slave / servant, entrusted with children of ages ~5-13 years, as day / night long attendants, pages, governors, governesses, for the physical, moral, civil, educational well being of their wards.

Continuous, personal trustworthiness with slaveholder class family young children was the common qualifying criterion. Ages and skills and talents varied. Some got the role when they lost their usefulness otherwise. Some slaves were bred and cultivated as slave business venture talent pool, trained in a Paedagōgīum from a young age to fulfill the role. All were conquered non-natives and eligible for manumission. Literature and grave epitaph inscriptions document freed male and female Paedagōgi.

Natives who became slaves as a consequence of punishment for crime, misdeed of omission or comission, indebtedness & etc. were not trusted, therfore ineligible for such a cushy assignment, were not eligible to be manumitted - freed. As a Roman citizen, to be a condemned slave was a life sentence to the harshest labor, such as in a mine, maybe to never live in daylight again. Roman Slavery

Paedagōga F ♀ Paedagōgus M ♂ Paedagōgī M ♂ ‧ from Ancient Greek παιδᾰγωγός paidagōgós - παῖς paîs - child + ᾰ̓γωγός agōgós - guide, escort

In Romam era for boys, until toga virilis age, status.

Paedagōgīum page boy training school

Pueri paedagogiani • Puellae paedagogiani • PaedagōgiānaPaedagōgium page's room, hall, domicile, quarters - of this slave class • Paedagōgia - class of slave


A paedagogus was a (usually) Greek slave, who tutored young Roman boys in Greek, as well as other topics such as history, music, or politics.

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