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Arabic course future

مرحبا Is the Arabic course going to develop further? Are plans for course development public? Where can we find this info?

September 27, 2019



I find it strange, that the contributors never show up here in the arabic forum. In other Duolingo courses the contributors are present in the forums and are interested in the learning experience of the users to improve the courses further.


maybe other things came up in their life and they no longer have time to work on it


I'd like to second the request, I'm finishing now the Arabic tree. It has been great for the alphabet but has not taken me that far with the vocabulary. The Arabic course seems about half the length of the Spanish course, it would be great if we could have more lessons to build up vocabulary.


It's made by volunteers, you can fond them on the page where you added the course... Is there a way to message or tag them or something?

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