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  5. "I teach you."

"I teach you."

Translation:Te doceo.

September 27, 2019



Can you say "tu te doceo" ?


No. Doceo is for "I". (Ego) doceo. Here, in the sentence, an equivalent would be:
Ego te doceo.

"Te" is not the subject pronoun, it's the complement pronoun, like "me" in English.

Tu te doces, is grammatically possible, but I don't know if it makes sense. Maybe teaching yourself.

Tu me doces.


I upgraded you Alex (that got you back to zero and you deserve better) because: 1) I really don't see why someone needing an explanation shouldn't be praised for asking; 2) it allowed me to read one of many useful and intelligent explanations from PerceNeige.


Is te dative or accusative?


Accusative here. It can be ablative (not here). tibi would be the dative.


shouldn't this be in the dative case


No, docere even can take two accusatives, one for who is being taught, the other for the information being taught.


Moopish--i am old & my latin knowledge is a fraction of what it once was. but it seems that tibi litteras doceo would be a logical (yes i know language is anything but logic) sentence. u wrote "docere" CAN take 2 accusitives but does that mean it must??


I think generally it takes two accusatives or an infinitive and an accusative. Lewis and Short lists a few other constructions but I didn't see one with a dative.

I can't think or find any examples of a dative being used after a quick search, however there maybe one somewhere.


okay i must defer to your experience & research. gratias tibi ago.

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