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  5. "Mike is a regular man."

"Mike is a regular man."

Translation:مايْك رَجُل عادي.

September 27, 2019



What does 'regular' mean here? A punctual man? not at all! It should be "Mike is a common man or Mike is an ordinary man"

This is where AI screws up the translation (so far).


My dictionary translates عادي as "normal". Maybe they mean he is an average, "run of the mill" guy, or maybe they're just introducing us to new words that can be spelled with the letters we have learned so far, and some of the sentences just come out sounding a wee bit weird. If it just said "Mike is regular", in English, we could just think he has a lot of roughage in his diet. ; )


Of course it's good that they introduce words whose letters we have learnt, but that's not an excuse for inadequate English translation. NORMAL, ORDINARY would have been much better.


It can be very hard for someone from an Indo-european background to learn the new vocabulary, so one makes mnemonics. I think of رادي as sounding like radish, radix, root... so someone from the grassroots as opposed to high society, ie normal, ordinary (I think "regular" is the American version). Hope this can help someone.


Do you mean عادي?


Yes, benton.1, thank you. I confuse the two types of R in Arabic. I don't know any language that has more than one way of pronouncing R. Mind you, I don't know that many languages.


What's that?! A Bob Dylan song? ;)

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