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Type what you hear

It would really help if there was a "slow" option on the audio such that each word was clearly pronounced.

September 27, 2019



My guess is that it won't happen, as the contributors would have to record at the slower speed, as these are not TTS voices. They'd probably sound like Dory in Finding Nemo speaking whale!

Keep trying. Replaying any sentence you did not understand the first time several times more will help. Also, don't read the text first for the translation exercises, but try to understand the Latin sentence by ear every time before you read the text; this will help quite a bit to improve your ear for Latin.

Any language is difficult at first to hear--you should see how many complaints there are about French--but the more you practice the more you will improve.


If they need to do TWO recordings -- ONE just reading the sentence & ONE enunciating each word -- then so be it. This course is about LEARNING the language. With everything RUNNING TOGETHER, it is nothing but a GUESSING GAME. Once one understands a language and what EACH word sounds like, they are better able to pick out individual words from a string all run together. If it were not for my notes, I would NEVER get past the audio only exercises. This is a Beta course. They need to make changes based on our inputs.

And YES, I do hit the repeat button over & over & over & over & over & . . . . . . . . .

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