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Duelling with bot

So I see people on the forum discussing "having a duel with the bot" which seems to be some chat challenge, where can I find that?

also is there something like Omegle for Spanish? so I can train with Spanish people via text chat?

Thank you all in advance & Please send me lingots if you have extra.

4 years ago


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Dueling is only available on the iOS.
When you duel against the bot, you are given 10 questions (similar to strengthen skills). If you answer correctly and faster than the bot (which answers in random intervals) you get two points, if you answer correctly and slower than the bot you get one point, and if you answer incorrectly you get zero points.

You are also able to duel against other users, which makes the 'quickest draw' extra point a little more meaningful.

4 years ago


With "Dueling a Bot" to the best of my knowledge, it is only on the app where you can do that. If you can do it online, I haven't found it yet. Try getting the app and logging in! I hope this helps!

4 years ago