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Please, Stop the Useless Streak Posts

Lately, the Duolingo forum has been facing a widening stream of posts like this:

[insert streak #] day streak! Thanks Duo! Here's to the next [insert streak #]!

In general, the Duolingo forum is very selective. Questions that have been asked before or those that are not perceived to be directly related to learning languages are swiftly downvoted into oblivion. However, useless streak announcements have proven themselves to be some of the only posts that are seemingly immune to criticism. It used to just be posts about large streaks of 100+ being made, but more recently I have noticed an uptick in posts about much lower streaks as well. I am not trying to call out any particular user, but rather address a growing epidemic of streak posts cluttering the forums.

It's not that I have any real problem with someone wanting to brag about a streak. The number is a great source of clout for a user, and even I have been tempted to mention mine along the way (though I have not as of yet). The issue is that despite downvoting being extremely harsh in these forums, streak posts get a free pass while any new user asking for advice or trying to start a friendly (language-related) discussion immediately goes into the negative numbers.

If one simply must post about his/her streak, please add something of note that we can learn from or discuss. Have you noticed your skills getting better over time? Is the streak an effective motivator to encourage your progress? Do you have any real-world experiences that Duolingo has helped you with? A little commentary would go a long way to making these posts interesting and useful to our community.

September 27, 2019



Hm, although I've never made a post about a streak, I understand why some people might, and I don't think it's for "clout" as you said in your post.

A lot of people who are posting these posts may not have people in the real world to support them on their language-learning endeavors. And for people who may not be as self-motivated, sharing their feelings of accomplishment may work to keep them going strong. And for some, I assume, it's just pleasant to share their personal accomplishments to a supportive community.

People's abilities of consistency vary greatly. Where there may be people who can keep a 600 day streak with ease, others might be busy or language-learning might not take priority, and therefore a 16 day streak is a massive accomplishment.

Personally, I only started using Duolingo about three months ago, and the streak I have currently has never been broken so I don't know what kind of user I am, but I assume when I get to higher streak counts, I will want to share my accomplishments on a Duolingo forum. Milestones like 100, 500, and 1000 should certainly never go uncelebrated!

But like I was saying before, everyone's consistency levels are different, and someone who has a 5 day streak may feel like they just made a 500 day streak, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I like to be supportive and if you're bothered by those kinds of posts, you don't really have to click on them, just ignoring them may be a better option because you don't want to discourage people with downvotes or comments hinting that small streak brags are annoying. This should be a positive community, and it's better to just scroll if you don't want to congratulate people for their streaks.

Sorry if I've made any language mistakes in this post :)


You make a very good point, no one knows what challenges others have to over come to maintain their streak. Some maybe averaging 10 EXP per day to maintain their streak, while others may be maxed out. Or they may have more free time.

And so when someone who has to work hard to reach 10 days in a row, or 20, 30 or what ever it is, it may mean a lot to them. And as you say, what is wrong with being supportive to them?


Oh no, your English is perfect! So are you! :)


You are the kindest, thank you!!! <3


Hey, Corgi! Sorry for highjacking the post, but it's a rare occasion to say hi to someone in my current league. So, best to you for this week and the following ones!


woahh check that out! i've never noticed anyone in the forums in my league either good luck to you as well!!


Good thing you had a (lovely) avatar :)


Woah what and are the odds?! That’s pretty cool.


I was surprised, right!


Your English is really good! I thought that was your first language when I read it. I also started Duolingo three months ago. :)


I would never downgrade someone's self-esteem by belittling their streak. If it is important to them, that's great. Gentle encouragement goes a long way. Just saying.


I completely agree. The value in a streak is all relative, and there will be plenty of people who get a boost from posting about their streak or seeing others get a certain streak (however long the streak is).

Besides, streak posts are still a small minority of the posts I see/read, and they're easy enough to ignore. I rather enjoy seeing peoples' streaks!


Bang on there. Without knowing the odds of life people faces, it is never right belittling their small or equally bigger achievements in maintaining this streaks. if anyone feels annoyed there is a word in English dictionary called "Ignore".


Imagine that I am the only one of my friends or my family that uses Duolingo and I announce to them that I did it! I have got a 1000 or even a 100 days of streak. It doesn't mean anything to them. Or imagine that a lonely person uses Duolingo as a companion. There are no Clubs anymore to share his experience with, so the only one who can listen to him is the very Forum. It is his pride, his self-esteem that motivates him to go on. So let's be more friendly to posts like this.


Well said! Yes, it is always good to be kind and encouraging.


Exactly my thoughts!


We never know what other users are going through - what demands they have on their time, how easy it is for them to get internet access, how their health is, etc.

When I see someone excited about their streak, I view it as humankind moving forward a tiny step. Someone is excited about consistently working to learn a foreign language. I’m happy for the person. I usually upvote such posts.

I personally find streaks very motivating, and to this day, regret losing mine when I couldn’t get internet access one day during a trip to China in 2014.

I’ll just keep lauding effort and others can scroll right by such posts.


"When I see someone excited about their streak, I view it as humankind moving forward a tiny step." - KeepPracticing 2019

I'm so keen to be the streak giant that some of you are and defending the little people. While I would never personally post about a streak so early, I understand that some people might live under very different circumstances and for them to have the confidence to post about a new personal best, despite the streaks of others, is commendable.


I can kind of understand it on round numbers or very high numbers, but I just don't understand why people choose to post about their 12 day streak.

And I have to admit that sometimes I have to sit on my hands so that I don't type something sarcastic on the really low streaks.


You talkin' 'bout me??? A couple of months ago, I posted a Discussion about my 20 day streak, entitled " I like my streak medium rare, if you please" but I took a humorous approach to this streak overload on here. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32418123

BTW, kudos on your Quintuple Centuries although you did not come here for accolades, it is a significant achievement nonetheless and you bring with it some needed discussion about the need to unclog this forum.


Making a post to inform everyone else about the criteria that you will use to decide whether or not they are worthy of your praise and honour? Seems pretty arrogant to me.


I never saw that post, but I'm glad that I'm not the only one who was thinking this! It's nice when someone can add some humor into the situation. I've actually seen other humorous self-degrading streak posts and I often upvote them. They make the forums a fun place to be.


I just love humorous posts in general. :)


I think think that AFFIDAVID meant that just useless streak posts that are obviously bragging shouldn't be posted. I read yours, and it's is funny. I could see what you were trying to do. the streak post that you did is different, not another "I got a 100 day streak" and that's all it says. So, yours is good in my opinion, Songve.


Didn't anyone tell you "Well done!" ?


In your post titled "I like my streak medium rare, if you please" you said (excellent title by the way.)

...you Soupy Sales fans know what I'm talking about.

Bro, you know you are showing your age with this one. Many of the Kidos around here don't know anyone who knows who Soupy Sales was. LOL

I mean, I'm an old dude, and I haven't thought of Mr. Sales since 1979.

As a public service, and to help the Kids in the audience I went to the trouble to include a link >>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soupy_Sales

Oh, and by the way, I gave you a lingot on that older post, because now that you have reposted it, you're going to be famous.

And one last thing, I'll see you when my streak reaches 200.


I don't look at a lot of streak posts. I've never made one.

But the streak posts don't break any rules. And they can have some value.

There are people that just need a little positive feedback. They might not be able to get it somewhere else.

Some streak posts offer advice that is truly helpful.

Sometimes, it's just nice to know that someone else found learning a language difficult, fulfilling or fun. Or that it helped them in some surprising way.

Finally, there are people that just like to make others feel better. A shoutout in the forum or an upvote makes everyone feel good.

I don't think that's a bad thing.


To be honest I miss when the forum was about celebration and friendship. Obviously learning is why we're all here, but I think the forum is great for celebrating our accomplishments, enriching our learning, and exchanging ideas.


Amen! I am inspired by streaks, hearing when people get a new golden owl and more. Appreciation of the positive is a good thing. If someone feels good for having a streak of 500 days, let's applaud.


The streaks are very motivational. I appreciate them.


Well what's the alternative? Downvoting these people because they want some recognition? That's not sending out a very positive message within this community.

Everyone stays motivated differently, some people like to have a pat on the back and there is nothing wrong with that.


Honestly, I think that as long as it doesn't get super-omnipresent, and has a little advice, I don't mind that much. People often forget the emotional aspect of learning, and a little encouragement can go a long way. People can easily ignore posts, and then they'll fade away, as they're not being upvoted. That being said, if you're exploring the new section, it could be annoying. However, the ridiculous amount of spam opportunities being what they are, we would have to, hilariously, create what some would consider a spam post yet again petitioning Duolingo to "Fix the forums (to stop spamming)" when many have gone before have failed. Really, if I had to make any recommendation to fix this entire mess of a forum, stop downvoting (which you have already mentioned can be harsh) and perhaps discourage the whole "Look at my streak!" thing would to rework the forums. Spam, downvoting, and perhaps the new addition of streakposts are here to stay. The best we can hope for is that people bother to rework their streak posts to have useful information. However, due to the fact that not everyone will see this post, and the constant influx of new users, one of the best solutions, ironically, would be to make a streak post that makes a good example of asking questions to others, advising others, giving feedback to Duo, etc. On a side note, are you sure that most of the streak posts are given a free pass? Downvoted posts are a lot harder to find. :D

Edit: I accidentally wrote downvote instead of upvote at the beginning. Hope that clarifies some things.


I know that by creating this post, it does open up yet another discussion about spam, but I hadn't seen much, if any, discussion on this topic before. Apparently Songve did post something a few months ago, although it didn't garner much attention. Truly, I am happy to see a productive streak post every now and then. It's a breath of fresh air in a sea of unnecessary ones. As long as we can think more about our experiences than our numbers, then I'm more than satisfied.

You're also right about the downvoted posts being hard to find! There might be some sampling bias in there, though I suspect it isn't much. More than any particular action being taken, we all just want Duolingo to be a more welcoming space.


I completely agree. Most people can agree on the end goal, if not the road to it, after maybe even a minute of discussion, which has to be one of the nicer things about humanity. If I ever happen to get to a notable streak, and decide to make a post, I'll remember your wise advice of making it chock-full, or at least peppered with, advice and pieces of intrigue.


I really don't see the problem with it. Sure you may consider it useless, but to others the praise and the feedback that they get from it really drives them forward.


Its actually what I like the most about the forum. It helps create a positive and encouraging community. People don't need to read them if it doesn't tickle their fancy.


I did a streak post too because I kinda was happy with my 2000 days, that doesnt't happen to me every day :-)


Some people need the confirmation that these kind or post bring.

I don't mind saying congratulations to people who are making progress... and who am I to say that someone's 10 day streak is useless.

By the way OP, your streak is very impressive and inspirational. Keep up the good work.

And other people seek confirmation by putting those people on blast.

To each his/her own.


You seem to have misread my post. I am not saying that anyone's streak is useless. This is about useless posts that do nothing other than seek congratulations for a number when the poster ought to be giving a reflection on how the streak concept or time on Duolingo in general has helped him/her.

My post certainly didn't put anyone on blast. If I wanted to do that, I would go to the actual posts and start calling people out individually. However, that would be rude and confrontational, hence the reason I posted this instead. It's the nicest way to say something that needs to be said.

And thanks for the compliment on my streak.


The title of this post is;

Please, Stop the Useless Streak Posts

Oh, now I see my mistake, when you said Useless Streak in your title, you actually meant Useless post about Streaks.

Please accept my heartfelt apology, I wait with bated breath for your next post titled Please Stop Posting Useless Post about Useless Post

Because you know I'm sure that all those people posting those "useless post" about their streaks will see the error of their ways, and comply with your request.


altho i tend to agree with you that these kind of threads are useless, some people like them and i dont see the reason as to why they should stop posting them just because i dont like them?


I like the streak posts. So someone is proud of their streak? It may be a big accomplishment for them. Who else are they going to share it with? When they post about their streak, it costs you nothing to give them an up vote and perhaps encourage them, or at least it lets them know that someone recognizes the accomplishment. I don't see the problem.

And if you don't like the posts, don't read them.


That’s so mean, let people live their life. It’s all you can do to just ignore it or share a little kindness. I am actually interested in humorous or detailed posts about streaks. So stop. I am entitled to my opinion.

Sorry if this sounded harsh, I’m just saying, when people are proud of their streaks, let them be proud!

Brrr! Portugués! Brr! Portu-portugués! Brr! Portu-portugues!


I routinely get 1 day streaks. I'm going to start posting them. After all, we all have to start somewhere. In fact, I'll bet I've had more 1 days streaks than you.


You definitely have! I've kept my streak ever since I made my account with the help of countless streak freezes. I used to think that if I kept at it and got a huge streak, I might actually be important one day. Duome.eu taught me that there are still thousands of users ahead of me, though I can't imagine myself letting go of my streak at this point.


You're already important - you're AFFIDAVID -- what a clever name! Although we have some different views, I admire your special talents as a writer. (And don't let the green Owl hear this), but you were important long before Duolingo!


Thank you very much for the compliment! Though, I must admit that I didn't think of the name myself; it was one of my friends. I do love the look and sound of it!


Is it really a streak if countless streak freezes have been used? I just took two days off from Duolingo to break free of my streak freeze from automatically equipping. This time around I'll be more honest about my true streak number. It's very liberating, you should try it!


Well, since streak freezes are a legitimate part of Duolingo that all users can utilize, I don't see any problem with maintaining my streak with them. Most of my language learning is done through formal classes, so I sometimes have periods where I have little motivation to use this website. I'm sure breaking my streak would be very liberating eventually, but right now I think it would just crush me and push me away from Duolingo. Maybe some day!


Lol. 90 to 95 percent of the forum consists of useless posts.


That is so true. It makes it hard for us to answer questions when people actually need them. :/


A streak post about streak posts.


About to hit my first 80 days :-p


Well, you've hit the 11 weeks landmark.

Congratulations! █████ Félicitations!


Maybe this is a bad time to mention this, but in August, I got a 30 day streak...

Of not using Duolingo.


Here's to the next 30!


Yeh, I downvoted the OP. Nothing wrong with streak posts, although I usually just skip reading them.


Please tell me what the OP is. I haven't learned Duo jargon yet


OP = Original Post / Original Poster
(Not only on Duolingo)

BTW (By The Way),
You can always check what abbreviations and acronyms mean, on:


on the streak posts that i've seen, they don't seem to brag about it to much, and it's mostly just to thank duolingo and share their pride


why does it bother you lmao people must be able to pst what they want


That is a good argument: I have no problem with people posting about their streaks, and it would be nice for them to share some of their knowledge too. But people should be allowed to share their streak, however low it is. They are proud of their work, so let them have a little brag and a boast!


Yeah. I understand if someone gets something like a 500 day streak and they want to share it, but like you said, they should probably say something that others can learn, something encouraging. Great post.


Just got a Duo reminder while reading this, "Good job keeping up your 2 day streak! Can you make it to 3?"


It is easy to just ignore those threads


I think some people believe that it makes them feel better to announce that they have a certain streak. Perhaps it is the first time that they have kept at a language for so long, or maybe they just honestly feel proud of their journey so far. Since I mostly use the Android app, I don't get to see the discussion board that often, so I don't know if this is at an epidemic level or not.

All that I do know, is that after spending so long on Duolingo, I can confidently speak with native German speakers to some extent. In the end, streaks don't matter, it's the effort and the overall progress towards fluency that matters when learning a language.


I am learning Italian and French, and I have never seen a streak announcement. I don't think that they are overpowering the comments, and it is not a bad thing if someone does post an exciting milestone.


Streaks actually have little meaning to me, personally, because if you know you must miss a day, you can just use lignots to "freeze" your streak. I did that a few times, but then I realized that I really wasn't maintaining a streak when I actually missed days. Right now, I have a "0" streak, but I've been learning Spanish on Duo for over a year. What matters to me is whether I'm consistently learning, and I am. However, streak posts don't bother me; no posts bother me unless the poster is rude, hateful, or arrogant toward others.


I couldn't agree more with this wonderful post. It is so true. I fully support what you are saying. I don't know why it is getting Downvoted.


I believe that it makes sense to celebrate the streak, but also agree that it would be nice to hear maybe how the learned skills have been used in practice, or if there is something in particular that Duolingo has helped learn along the way.


Lol! really why are you so bothered on others post, to have written an epic ranting against it. If someone feel like having achieved something in spite of so many odds of life, who are you to judge on the appropriateness of the same being posted. Learn to Ignore mate if that is what it is.


Well, this thread does contain much amusement . . . as long as building a streak doesn't turn into streaking . . .


I agree in some ways, but these posts and them getting upvoted is motivation for some people. You don't know their situation, maybe they're suicidal! We can't risk downvoting these people, I don't want to hurt anyone. And anyways, getting downvoted is VERY hurtful to anyone.


May I point out that the community seems to agree with you, as at the time of writing this you have 175 Up-votes, which is about 100 more than anyone who disagrees with you, a significant difference?!? And I wouldn't bother trying to explain or justify your post to certain meatheads, some people just love to stir things up for no good reason and always will. Remember, its still a free world and you are entitled to express your opinion just as much as anyone else is. :-)


AFFIDAVID, I dont think you were talking about me when you said that: "Once I saw a new user ask a perfectly reasonable question that has been asked many times before. It was downvoted off the forums. Later that day, the user posted about a 7 day streak, and it was heavily upvoted and met with acclaim. " But that exact thing happens to me! Haha


That just goes to show how common this type of stuff is! For the record, I wasn't talking about you. Thanks for sharing!


Duolingo should introduce an achievements forum specifically for this kind of thing.


Even though I'm no fan of streak posts, I'd say that people who've been using Duolingo for 50, 100, 500, 1000 or basically any sizable number of days have earned the right to make such a post through their dedication.

The real issue here is the popularity contest that the voting is, plus that people have a tendency to prefer positive over negative news.

Punishing a select group of dedicated people for human nature and the collective "wrongdoing" of a much wider group doesn't make much sense.


how do you write such long things?


I've had this in mind for a while and finally decided that it was time. It was mostly just stream of thought with a little editing afterward. When I'm passionate about a topic, it's usually a matter of keeping the composition short enough for someone to read. I rarely have an issue of not having enough to write.


I was thinking about this matter too, lately. I mean lots of semi-couraging, repetitive and boring streak celebrations are on the forums getting all of the upvotes and attention, while some useful and needed posts are being downvoted to hell for no reason! What is wrong with Duolingo community is something I don't know.


Some people are just happy that they maintained it, might be something that they weren't expecting to achieve consistency in their schedule. They are simply sharing that happiness. There isn't anything wrong with it. I believe the forum is for the user's interaction with Duolingo. It doesn't always have to be problems, suggestions and solutions.


while I personally haven't felt the need to post about a streak, why does it bother you? Really, it took more time for you to type up your complaint post than it would to simply ignore the posts that offend you and move on.

there's ALWAYS somebody bitching about something on the forums. Just show up, do your language lessons and call it day. (and yes, one might consider this post bitching as well).


What I'm most bothered by is the disparity in what posts are being railroaded off the forums and those that are met with nothing but praise. Like I said, new users who are unfamiliar with typical forum guidelines are frequently told to use the search feature and quickly downvoted, while cloned streak posts that have been done hundreds of times face no critique.

Once I saw a new user ask a perfectly reasonable question that has been asked many times before. It was downvoted off the forums. Later that day, the user posted about a 7 day streak, and it was heavily upvoted and met with acclaim. That isn't right.

And honestly, when you count up all the streak posts that are made lately, it really does take less time to type this up instead of reading them all as they're made with the hopes of finding an inspirational reflection.


While I have responded to your post for the most part with sarcasms I do want to engage you in what I think may be a more helpful way.

Might I suggest, that when someone makes a post that you want to react to, then do that. And even if that post is down voted then you can continue to interact with the OP.

There are several post, that were recently down voted, that I continue chatting with a person who posted something that was not well received by others on the forum. I can do that, because I posted to their post, and can now continue to post on that thread. You can also up vote post that you think deserve it.

We have all seen that post that had four down votes, and thought if I up vote this it might get saved.

So I'll end by saying, don't be "bothered" it will be OK.


Personally, I think Duolingo should ditch upvotes and downvotes and just have a like button - and, in a separate part of the post, a report button.


Don't you understand that the streak-pushing serves Duolingo's business promotion? The more the customers are using the platform the more money they make. Does that answer your question about upvoting/downvoting?


You nailed it.

I now have a new motto;

Just show up, do your language lessons and call it day.


Kelvin, do you think Duo would be interested in using that as a new marketing motto? LOL


The amount of density radiating from this post caused a singularity in my bedroom..


I literally just gave you all my lingots lmao


crassness is not needed.


Wise words. A couple of lingots for you.


Yeah, I've noticed this myself. It seems like a popularity contest. If you act like the "popular" kids, you'll fit in. All I can say is that they need to change the -5 DV, and your post gets hidden. The most popular posts are usually about a subject that doesn't benefit anyone else but the OP. Admit it; despite "encouraging" people to continue, it doesn't benefit anyone by bragging about your streak. When someone asks a question, it could benefit a person learning the same language. Just a bunch of narcissists!


Right on! Exactly my thinking . :-)


How have you been working on the Spanish tree for 530+ days and only complete 34 skills? You have less than a hundred crowns and you're at level 19. Are you a league spammer?


Since I joined Duolingo, the tree format has changed twice I believe, resetting all of my progress. I take Spanish classes, so this isn't my primary source of language learning anyway. It's most helpful for policing my plural/gender agreement and keeping me from forgetting basic grammar during breaks. Definitely not a league spammer--I don't pay attention to that!


I mean, I just reached 70 days - I'm basically a polyglot.


I don't see the point either! I'd rather get some lingots for a long streak!


Thanks AFFIDAVID, good comments to those who probably haven't yet realised they are causing annoyance to more serious users. :-)


I agree with this, thanks for telling! :)


I think streak-posting is reaching crisis levels unseen since the late 90's. I am adding to the length of this thread in hopes that our leaders begin paying attention to this growing threat.


I agree, here's a lingot. :)


I've got more lingots than I'll ever spend, but I appreciate the gesture. Thanks!


I never read the streak topics and I get sick of seeing them cluttering up the forums.




No, seriously that's how it sounds...



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