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  5. "In platea currimus."

"In platea currimus."

Translation:We run in the street.

September 27, 2019



platéa is street, plátea is a bird :)


What is the difference between platea and via?


The most pertinent difference is frequency: 'via' is among the most common words in the language, whereas 'platea' is a Greek word that is rare enough that you need never use it and may never even encounter it.

'Via' is also a little broader, so to speak, in its sense, referring to anything from a mere path to a major thoroughfare, and is used in figurative senses much like our word 'way', whereas a 'platéa' seems to refer just to a broad city street.


My mom said not to do that :(


in can mean "on" or "in." We run on the street (as opposed to the grass) should work

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