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  5. "Who wants to collect dolls?"

"Who wants to collect dolls?"

Translation:Quis pupas colligere vult?

September 27, 2019



I put "Quis pupas colligere velit?" Achem... I learned that somewhere here, but it was rejected. According to wiktionary, it's the subjunctive. Is it an acceptable alternative here? Or are Latin subjunctive uses similar to those of Italian and Spanish?


The subjunctive is used in latin primarily for subordinate clauses. For example, if this sentence were "He asks who wants to collect dolls", then the subjunctive would be necessary. However, the subjunctive can be used independently to express a wish, an order, a deliberation, or a potential. Some examples in English:

He should walk his dog.

Let's go home now.

What am I to do?

She might arrive soon.


Oh yayyyy! Can we do it in sepulchro? pretty please!

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