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  5. "Ubi sunt agri tui?"

"Ubi sunt agri tui?"

Translation:Where are your fields?

September 28, 2019



Welcome to the rice fields - Francis of the Filth (Circa 2012)


Ager from Proto-Italic Agros from PIE H₂éǵros

Other H₂éǵros Cognates: Ancient Greek ᾰ̓γρός - agrós • • Old English æcer • English Acre


Shouldn't 'sunt' be at the end of the sentence?


sunt and other forms of esse are quite common in other positions in sentences. Some authors from what I understand always (or at least most of the time) put it at the end, but not all authors.


Perhaps it is just my ear but I hear "Ubi sun tagri tui" He seems to slur the last letter of one word and put it with the next letter... ??? perhaps he should 'slow his roll' . ?


Pronouncing a final consonant with the initial vowel of the folowing word was, I think, standard Roman practice. My problem with is sentence was that the stress in tui' was put on the final instead of on the first styllable. That helped make thet' rather faint and I misheard the last two words as agricoli', thinking initially it was a mispronunciation ofagricolae'!


This particular guy is terrible - I often struggle to understand what he's saying because he puts such a flourish on his pronunciation!


SunT - T! Sounds like M

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