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  5. "Four divided by two is two."

"Four divided by two is two."

Translation:ʻEhā puʻunaue ʻelua he ʻelua.

September 28, 2019



There are different transitional word styles in all of these that I'm getting twisted all day long. So on this one I added the "i" inbetween "pu'unaue" and "'elua" and I even scrolled over the words and it gives that suggestion. That the "by" means "i". But wrong after wrong.


They got me all twisted. "'Ehā pu'unaue me 'elua he 'elua". "by" translates to "I", "ia", and "me". The issue is that sometimes they make you add it and this one faults you for adding it.


Pu'unaue is division. "4 division 2 gets 2." It does not have to sound good in English. It has to sound good in Hawaiian. You might look at pu'unaue to mean "divided by" rather than simply "divided." Your difficulty probably comes from trying to match the Hawaiian to the English, but the two are not normally identical in structure.


1000 upvotes: "It does not have to sound good in English. It has to sound good in Hawaiian." I'm making a poster for my wall with this

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