Duolingo changes in Greek tree

Καλημέρα! This morning I found out that most of the lesson I have been completing are now finished, at level 5. Did anyone else notice changes in its tree?

September 28, 2019


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Well, yes! I’ve had a month’s or so break since I went on holiday, and have come back now to find that I have 14 skills shown at Level 4. Before I stopped there was only one. I know this because I’d been keeping a spreadsheet to track how many lessons I’d done in each skill, so that I can break up some of the the boring ones with loads of lessons (Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy: I’m looking at you!) ... although looking now in the app, it seems that’s changed too: I had 15 lessons recorded in Science to get from Level 3 to 4, of which I’d done 3 ... the app now says there are 5? (I use the web version for actually doing the lessons, but as you only get the % completed there, you can’t see the number of lessons).

Your problem is a technical one and should be reported in the link.

We are here only to deal with linguistic issues. I wish we could help more but we have no recourse to any technical issues.

I’m not that bothered in this case ... I’ll just carry on doing the lessons as they’re presented to me: it’s “interesting” rather than “annoying” (and makes it look like I’ve made progress!)

Ok, but keep that link for the future...hope you never need it.

Yes, it's what I meant!

I don't understand what you are referring to. Which lesson specifically are you referring to? What do you mean by finished. From what I see you are now on the Travel Skill which you have finished and there are several more skills. And no, no changes have been made to the Tree aside from adding hints and sometimes an alternative sentence. But nothing has been removed. All course on Duo have 25 levels no more no less and we are not allowed to change that.

Chck this out:

Hey, it's because of a new update on duolingo which decreased the number of lessons on levels 4-5.

No changes can be made to the number of lessons once a Tree has been released...which means that "no" there has not been a decrease to any lessons.

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