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  5. "Is there a city in America?"

"Is there a city in America?"

Translation:Estne urbs in America?

September 28, 2019



"Est urbs in america" should be accepted, as well. the ne suffiz to est is optional.


I wrote that too and was marked wrong. However, -ne is not necessary and could be omitted, at least according to what I've been taught to this day.


Im confused about the use of "in". When to use it?


Likewise. Would "Estne urbs Americae" be accepted here?


You use in with the ablative to specify location. Except however, when it is a city, town, small island (one city), or one of the few lucky nouns like domus, then the locative case is used.

So, we cannot say Estne urbs Americae? unless we are talking about a city or town called America (but asking if a city is within another city may not make much sense).

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