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"Quot iuvenes in America sunt?"

Translation:How many young men are in America?

September 28, 2019



Continued problem with the use of iuvenis as only masculine. Dictionary listing of this 3rd declension adjective is iuvenis, iuvenis, iuvene meaning young. Iuvenis is also feminine. In this age of gender concerns, could we please translate this when not limited by an adjective to youth or young people as the case is in this sentence?


Good point but most of the time when I have read Latin and the author wanted to refer to young women he would use virgo, virginis. If the author was saying young men and women he/she would say iuvenes et virgines.


They made exceptions adding New York & California, I don't see why they can't do that here, too. We can just KNOW that it wasn't used then as we learn Latin now. *just know how very thankful I am that Latin is available here!


I am starting to get really tired of this constant USA stuff, I wonder what's the developers' reasoning behind it?


why is "sunt" needed?

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