"Mercurius does not hurl a spear."

Translation:Mercurius hastam non contorquet.

September 28, 2019

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Finally, a civilized god!


Hahahha I totally agree! It looks like all the gods were savage or barbaric...


The verb “contorquet” has a 2nd conjugation ending, but the vocabulary for this lesson states that “contorquere” is a 3rd conjugation verb, so something is wrong. I suggest that it is the vocabulary which needs to be corrected. The present tense 1st person singular form should be amended to “contorqueo”.


I agree the vocabulary for this lesson either has an error in the listing for contorquere, which they list as third conjugation, or this verb is one of those exceptions that should be explained. It is very frustrating!


Shouldn't Mercurius be translated as Mercury?


Many thanks for your support, 2w51S8uZ.
Cactus2000 shows “contorquere” as a regular 2nd conjugation verb with the same endings as “studere”, further evidence of an error in the vocabulary for this lesson. Let us hope that this is seen by someone who can make the correction.

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