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""The doll dances!" Marcus exclaims."

Translation:"Pupa saltat!" Marcus exclamat.

September 28, 2019



That's not a doll. Run!


I have "typos" because I didn't use quotation marks. Do we have to use punctuation now?


Quotation marks are not evaluated by the software. It ignores all kind of punctuation. So there's something else wrong.


No, actually. I had it verbatim, except for the quotation marks. Now, apparently it's also happened to james614376. Perhaps the software has "evolved".


I'm told it's a typo, to write "Pupa saltat!" exclamat Marcus. But I don't think putting the subject last, after the verb of saying, shouting, etc., is at all unusual.

[deactivated user]

    Classical Latin requires oratio obliqua, such as Marcus exclamat pupam saltare. Mediaeval can get by with Marcus exclamat quod pupa saltat. What we are required to do just isn’t Latin, so I wouldn’t worry too much which order the words come in. Your version is just as “good” as any other in the circumstances.

    EDIT: Please ignore!


    But Classical Latin includes direct quotations of the speaker, when accompanied by a word like inquit, ait, or (here) exclamat. They didn't have the punctuation device called 'quotation marks,' but they did manage to embed "said Marcus" (or the like) in the middle, typically, of his quoted words.

    [deactivated user]

      I really should start checking before commenting. exclamat actually comes quite often before what is said in oratio recta, but usually with an adverb or some other phrase, unlike ait and inquit (etc.) which as you say come after the beginning of what is said in oratio recta.


      Saltat SaltāreSaltōSauté ( jumping, dancing, sizzling Sauté ingredients )

      ExclamatExclāmō • From Ex- + Clāmō ( clamor, cry, call, address )


      I missed out exclamation marks and was awarded a typo ?


      The same thing happened to me. I would report it.

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      You should have seen psittacos hurling spears, Marce...

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