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"Multi discipuli hispanice loquuntur."

Translation:Many students speak Spanish.

September 28, 2019



Is this a modern construct like Novum Eboracum or would the Romans have referred to Iberian vulgar latin as hispanice?


Hispanic is from hispanicus, it's not recent.

Ancient Spain:

Hispania = Provinciae "hispanicae" (adj)

"Roman Hispania refers to all territories controlled by the Roman Republic, and later by the Roman Empire in the Iberian Peninsula between 218 BC. and the beginning of the 5th century, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476. Roman Hispania includes the current Spanish territory with what is now Portugal."


Carte de l'Hispanie


I know the emperor Trajan was once laughed at in the Roman Senate for his Iberian Latin


Great question - if Spanish derived from Latin was "hispanice" used after the Roman Empire by scholars or was there a baby Spanish refered to as "hispanice" during Roman times?

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