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How to change daily reminders?

I receive every day a reminder about getting on track at 5pm, but I want to change the hour, and I'm pretty sure I was able to do that, but It seems like I can't find that option anymore.

June 21, 2014



I think if you change it on the actual desktop it changes the times for your devices. At least that's what I've just done and hope works, getting a reminder just as your about to go to sleep is a nuisance


Hold over your name, go to settings. On the right side of settings you should see notifications. Click on that, and at the bottom you can change daily reminders.


But that is for emails, I mean for the notifications in my iPod, the ones the app sends. In the option you say the checkboxes are unchecked


Oh, I thought you meant the web version. I don't have the app so I have no idea then. Sorry.

  1. Open your Duolingo app.
  2. At the bottom of the home screen, you we see the option Social. Click on Social.
  3. At the top right hand of the Social screen, you will see the option Settings. Click on Settings.
  4. Scroll all the way to the last option which is Reminder Time under the headline option Notifcations. Change your time.
  5. Save


I don't see a Social option, the app always goes directly into a lesson. I do have notifications under settings but it only lets me choose phone and email not the time. Anyone else have an idea how to fix this? My reminders wake me up so I'm about to quit.


In the Duolingo app for Android, you should have the three dots in the top right corner. Click there and select Settings. In the menu you should have the Notifications section, and there Reminder time. Hope it helps.


Tahjai, This was very helpful to me. Thank you!


My reminder arrives at 4am - ie in the middle of the night! Sometimes I hear it and think someone is trying to contact me


I am pretty sure there was a way to set up that, I receive the reminders at 5pm, but I'm at work at that time... Maybe that option was removed in an "update".

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