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"The rich man tastes the wine."

Translation:Vir pecuniosus vinum gustat.

September 28, 2019



Not sure if I should report this or not. The team has probably blocked me by now. Is "pecuniosus vinum gustat" an acceptable latin rendering? The "-us" ending on "pecuniosus" indicates the subject is masculine, and we've done substantive adjectives in this course elsewhere ("peritii pugnamus").


Yes a substantive is fine.


Is there blocking here in Duolingo? We're here to learn, not to fight. If a comment is wrong, misguiding, rude or useless it can be down voted and that's all, isn't it?


I think Teacon was being sarcastic, but I'm pretty sure i read on the forum that you can block someone.


Would "vir dives vinum gustat" be a correct answer?

I know that "dives" means "rich", but I'm not sure if it can be used this way, as an adjective.


I think so.

Dantur opes nulli nunc, nisi divitibus = wealth is given now to none, but to the rich.

So it can be applied to human beings (wealthy, owners of a great amount of money or precious things), as the other meaning is also: precious, of great value (things).


Is there no capital letter at the beginning of the sentence for some reason? (for instance not to induce a particular word order)

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