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"Stephanus poculum implere potest."

Translation:Stephanus can fill the cup.

September 28, 2019



No native speaker here, Stephanus is singular third person, so why verb don't have "-s" at the end?


In English? A few verbs do not have an 's' added to the end in the third person singular: 'can', 'may', 'shall', 'must', and 'will are what I thought of (maybe more, I don't know off the top of my head). These are all used as auxiliary verbs in most cases I can thing of.

In Latin? Most third person singular endings are 't' in the active voice, 'tur' in the passive voice if I am not mistaken.


He fills..he can fill...they can fill


Isn't the accent in implere on the first syllable?


No, the first 'e' is long (implēre), putting the accent to the penult.

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