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"Ego ad Minervam appropinquare volo."

Translation:I want to approach Minerva.

September 28, 2019



"I want to go close to Minerva" wasn't accepted. However, to approach is, among other things, "to go close to;" and particularly when the verb is construed with an ad + accus. prep. phrase, it seems like a decent translation.


In other sentences we have seen appropinquo associated with the dative case of what is being approached. In this sentence we have it with ad and the accusative. Are the two equivalent and interchangeable, or is there a difference in meaning, or did usage change over time?


I think we just observe that both constructions are possible.

I assume it's a stylistic choice, like when we choose to say either "I give HIM the money, " or "I give the money TO HIM." Identical meanings with (slightly) different structures.

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