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Peculiar Definitions

Yes, I am a mere learner of Latin, and do not possess a degree in it. However, using definitions that do not equate to any modern dictionary or the Gold Standard of Lewis & Short is rather frustrating.

Not only that, some definition choices obfuscate the etymological progression of words in various languages - schola to school, lectio to lesson/lecture, capitulum to chapter, for example.

Logeion gives numerous examples of where each word is/can be found in the extant literature; it also provides support that many of the uses here are unnatural, especially given the emphasis on Classical pronunciation.

I thoroughly appreciate the work by the Latin Duolingo team, but this particular set of lessons/definitions left me quite perplexed.

September 28, 2019



Lewis & Short isn't the Gold Standard, it's Old Reliable. there is a free app version on Android. The gold standard from English is The Oxford Latin Dictionary. But L&S should suffice for anything you need to do in this course. As far as particular definitions, not everyone's favorite definition will be included, and sometimes the English derivative of a Latin word isn't the best translation. Multiple from multus -a -um for example.


Thank you for the detailed reply, it is honestly appreciated. Though it is less of a "favourite" definition, and more working off older texts/dictionaries as it would seem. Many thanks for putting this course together with the other Latinists on Duolingo.

Gratias ago.

(P.S. not trying to be difficult, but "l┼źdus" as "school" is the sixth definition in the OLD, and even then as ludus litterarum.)


Thank you for mentioning Logeion. It led me to the Perseus Digital Library which looks awesome!

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