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  5. "اَلْقِراءة مُهِمّة."

"اَلْقِراءة مُهِمّة."

Translation:Reading is important.

September 28, 2019



Shouldn't it be "the reading is important?


Reading as an abstract concept gets a definite article in Arabic, sort of like in Spanish.


My question refers to the traslation in English.


In English ‘the reading’ would refer to a specific reading, perhaps of something that someone is to perform at some point, the reading out loud of a chosen verse from a religious text, or a speech or a play or a book, not the act of reading generally. Clearly because Arabic requires a definite article when English in the same circumstance does not, without a context which specifically makes the definite article necessary, you would leave the article out of the English translation. Reading, writing, swimming, etc are general skills, no article needed.


So, in Arabic it is a noun, not a verb.


"Reading" in this case is also a noun in English.


Henceforth, it's a verbal noun, and a native speaker should be able to tell us how it's usually formed.

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