"Der Administrator trinkt den dritten Apfelsaft."

Translation:The administrator drinks the third apple juice.

April 21, 2013

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I wonder if "The administrator drinks HIS third apple juice," would be a better translation in English?


It's more common, but "drinks THE third" can have a slightly different meaning -- it can mean that he drinks the third apple juice out of ten on the table, but other people drank the first two.


What do administrators have to do with numbers? ._.


I think KillerKip's question is valid from a technical point of view. I was introduced to "Administrator" in the number's lesson. Shouldn't DL use words we already know and only introduce numbers here?

It may not be really an issue, as this is a place to learn, and learning a new word is always a good thing. But it goes against the expectation that we're only learning things about numbers... At least that's what I think when I click on a new lesson on a topic X: that I'm only about to learn things about X


When do we use dritten and when do we use dritte??


Ordinal numbers used as adjectives decline like adjectives do.

Just to confuse things, though, they seem to decline differently depending on whether they are "naked" or have an article or possessive pronoun in front of them. I've not worked out the full picture on that yet.


You can also say "admin".

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