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"ʻEkolu i ka ʻehā ka helu ʻai o ka hoʻokūkū."

Translation:The score of the game is three to four.

September 29, 2019



I wrote "The game score is three to four" and was marked incorrect.


Same with "The match score is three to four"


Is it wrong in english to say, "The score is three to four of the game?"


Yes, but not if you left off "of the game".


I think "The score is 3 to 4" is OK


Might we also say: "3 to 4 is the score of the game" ?


Yes, I did and got a happy green message.


I thought they were making a point earlier that match is ho'okūkū and game is pā'ani? So the word bubble Choice should have been match instead of game.


I think ho'okūkū might be more specific, like a competitive "match." Pā'ani seems to be a more general concept of playing - cards, video games, ball games for sport, but with competition or scoring, we've gotten ho'okūkū. Game would be appropriate when translating into English. Context matters a lot in 'Olelo Hawaii. In this case, there is more flexibility in English. If everything else was correct, and match/game was the problem, flag it next time you come across it.


Which games give the lower / losing score first? I know tennis does.

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