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  5. "The students sleep."

"The students sleep."

Translation:Discipuli dormiunt.

September 29, 2019



What would be wrong with discipulas dormiunt?


What is the difference between discipulae and discipuli? I thought discipuli was the plural for students, but Duolingo corrected it to discipulae...


discipulae and discipuli should both be accepted. discipulae is for female students. discipuli is for a group that is a mix of male and female, or just male students.

Used here, both would be the nominative plural form.


Why not discipulos?


discipulos is an accusative form. It is used in most cases as a direct object, the 'receiver' of the verb.

discipulos habent -> 'They have students.' (The students are being 'had').

discipuli here is nominative and is the subject of the sentence, the ones doing the verb.

discipuli habent -> 'The students have (something, I don't know, just an example, but the students are doing the having)'

The difference is similar to in English with pronouns. Example: they/them. 'They have students.' vs 'Students have them.'

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