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Meaning of "בסבך אצבעות אוהבות"

Hello everybody. I would like to know the meaning of this expression, it sounds like a very odd metaphor.

Context: וכשהשקט בולע אותנו עמוק אל הלילה נבוא באותה נשימה ובלחש שלנו בסבך אצבעות אוהבות (Re'ach ve-tzeva, Doron Mazar)

Kind regards Carlos M.S.

PS: Some people consider Doron Mazar as the Israeli answer to Julio Iglesias.

September 29, 2019



The line you're trying to figure out is a bit of an artistic flowery metaphor. So, not so much an actual expression that is being used in every day Hebrew, but a poetic streaming of words together.

אצבעות אוהבות = loving fingers סבך = a thicket, an entanglement

So I would loosely translate it to "an entanglement of loving fingers".


As far as I can read it it looks like a very flowery allegory for sex: "We will come... the same breath.. tangled.. loving..."

[deactivated user]

    It is indeed a weird metaphor. An oxymoron, even. I think that the weirdness emanates from the fact that a phrase like "loving fingers" evokes a positive feeling, but it is here used with the word "סבך", which is a word that, when used metaphorically, is normally associated with negative states of affairs.

    Also, the word "סבך" implies that we're dealing with a situation characterized by disarray and disharmony (if there's a סבך of something, we normally can't find a specific item or object we're looking for), which is not what one would expect from an intimate encounter between lovers.


    Love is messy & unlogical - so the negativity fits here .


    You got some really thorough answers. I want to add that סבך is the same root as מסובך, which means complicated, entangled. Also, סבך is usually a word that describes tree branches or bushes.

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