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  5. "Pistores seniles sumus."

"Pistores seniles sumus."

Translation:We are aged bakers.

September 29, 2019



They really dont like underlining all the new words, uh?


The woman speaker is a bit sloppy with her pronunciation. Here it sounds like the verb is "sumeos." Since that is not a Latin word (as far as I know), I can, and must, deduce she means "sumus."


Senīlis (oddly enough) is not used to modify people in Classical Latin, according to the PHI. It is used once of animals.


From the OLD,

senilis -is -e

  1. Of, proper to, or characteristic of, an old man. (w. ref. to a particular individual).

  2. (of persons, their bodies, faculties, etc.) Old, aged; (of conditions) inveterate.

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