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  5. "Are there three women?"

"Are there three women?"

Translation:Suntne tres feminae?

September 29, 2019



I wrote "Sunt tres feminae?" and it was marked wrong. Isn't the particle "-ne" used to form a yes/no question? Why is it required here?


I’m no expert but think it’s just because without the question mark or inflection, your answer could be a statement (there are three women). The point of the sentence is to teach plurals and plurals within a question. Suntne makes the sentence a question without any additional inflection or punctuation. Classical Latin didn’t use punctuation much so it’s truer to the written language.


Thanks for the reply Jessica, I think you are correct. I also found out that "-ne" is used to give emphasis to something in the question, rather than just making it a yes/no question as I thought it would. You can see a nice discussion here, if you're interested: https://latin.stackexchange.com/questions/2781/where-to-put-the-enclitic-ne


Ooh brilliant thank you! It looks like there’s loads of information for me to explore!

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Whether they had punctuation or not when writing, that shouldn't have affected how they spoke.


"Suntne tres mulieres" was accepted! Woohoo!


Is word order important? Does suntne have to be at the beginning of the sentence?

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Yes and yes.

Just because syntax in Latin is more flexible than it is in English doesn't mean it's a chaotic free-for-all. There are still rules.

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