"Bashir is a Tunisian boy."

Translation:بَشير وَلَد تونِسِيّ.

September 29, 2019



Does anyone else struggle with these sentences? The print is so small, and with no sound either it is very hard to choose between the sentences sometimes.

September 29, 2019


If you are on PC, you can use CTRL + (+) to enlarge the font of the page in your browser. I heard also about an extension called Wodooh for Chrome. Some users say it helps on enlarging the Arabic font specifically. There are other methods as well when checking the Options in the browser you are using under the languages or fonts tap. Things differ from one browser to another.
If you are on a device, then unfortunately my knowledge doesn't work here. All I can suggest is for android; You can change the font size for the whole mobile in the settings under Display usually.

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