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  5. "طَقْس غَريب"

"طَقْس غَريب"

Translation:weird weather

September 29, 2019



-off topic- In Oklahoma, we know a thing or two about weird weather. 1) Widest tornado ever recorded (2.6 miles wide), 2) Highest wind speed ever recorded (318 miles per hour) among other weird things.


Once again, غَريب is pronounced 2 different ways, one correct and one not


What is the exact difference between طقس and جو ?


Shouldnt it be the right translation, " a weird weather"?, To say weird weather i don't know if I'm ok but it should be " الطقس الغرين"


"Weather" is not countable; that is, we can't say one weather or two weathers. That means we wouldn't say "a weather," although we can talk about "the weather." So -- "We're having bad weather" or "The weather is strange."


Yes there should be ALs all around, in Arabic weather is never without definitive articles

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