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Please keep the Sentence Discussions neat and tidy

This is just a reminder that the sentence discussions are there to discuss the sentence at hand, not Latin grammar in general. If users clicks the SD and has to wade through twenty posts to find their answers, they might give up.

If you want to ponder Latin grammar in general or share a helpful tip about it, please make a post in this main forum. As is customary, I'll be cleaning the SDs of off topic posts.

And, of course, keep everything polite and within the guidelines. Snide comments directed at anyone will be deleted. Our guidelines are quite clear on this.


This part is especially relevant:

Always be Respectful We come together from across the world at varying language levels with the same goal in mind - to learn. Curiosity, questioning, and cultural understanding are something we celebrate. Be respectful of others and where they’re coming from.

Help and support across all skill levels We are all in this together. Learning a language is hard and takes a lot of courage and dedication. If someone uses incorrect grammar or has a question you think has an obvious answer, kindly and calmly help them out. Heckling and being straight up mean doesn’t help anyone learn. Can’t say it nicely? Don’t weigh in.

Embrace and share regional language differences A language can have many words, accents and ways to say the same thing. We think that’s one of the wonders of languages. Approach these conversations with an open mind and attitude.

September 29, 2019



God I wish every course had this approach. I recently started doing some Korean in here and the number of comments about K pop bands and songs instead of the actual exercises almost makes me want to quit.


You have to keep in mind the size and age of the course, too - the mods usually try to clean up sentence discussions, but the longer the course has been around (and the more sentences that are present), the harder it is to keep pace with cleaning out off-topic or repetitive questions.


Yup. If you looked at the Spanish forum you'd think I wasn't doing anything to clean it, but I delete 100-200 comments there each week. It's an uphill battle.

I wanted to bring up the issue while the SDs are young in the hopes people won't litter too much.



Even that the trend is K-pop now, in the Japanese forum there are a lot of posts about "animes" and such things. I wonder if these pop-culture enthusiasts ever learn the language and culture for real or just keep surfing on the superficial stuff over and over.


Once you hit 3rd year Japanese courses at uni, the more "enthusiastic" enthusiasts have either quit or learned to hide their power level.


Dear Danielconcasco,

Respectful, supportive, kind? Of course. Tidy? Well yes, to a point, especially now when we all seem so excited about our new toy. But -- and maybe this is language dependent -- in Swedish and Norwegian, for example, there are absolute treasures in the sentence discussions; yes, these conversations may stray a bit from the sentence at hand, but for me, at least, they definitely spark joy.

A post in this forum ends up on the bottom of our virtual birdcage in a day or two; a post in a sentence discussion remains as nugget of gold to be discovered and savored by users in the future.

I guess I'm just saying that not everything that seems slightly tangential cries out for tidying.

(Let the downvotes begin!)


Comments in Latin will generally stay, since they encourage users to learn new words. "Fun facts" related to the sentence will generally stay too. Here are some examples of comments I have deleted:

"Poor fellows, after being burnt to death at least they go to heaven."

"Without a doubt (and I can't stress this enough) free bobby shmurda"

"It's funny how he says it like a snob Roman senator"

"Why did i have to type this?"

This clutter doesn't add to the learning process.


Prune away, Daniel. Forgive me for doubting you. :)


I'm sure I'll delete a comment that someone is very proud of, but there is already a lot of junk piling up in the SDs.

I'll also be deleting any reports. We have a report button for that.

Any post questioning why we decided to include a particular word in the course is also going to go (e.g. "Why no include more important words like ignis or aqua?").


If there are one or two really great jokes/memes in a sentence discussion (related to the sentence content, of course!) I generally leave them, but I always delete the string of comments below saying, "Haha, so funny!" or "I came to this discussion to post the same thing!" I certainly hope that one or two funny posts won't discourage people from scrolling down to actual answers, but it can become a problem when an entire SD thread descends into jokes and memes, making it impossible to find answers to any earnest vocabulary and grammar questions.


Here's an sentence discussion I happened upon in Norwegian:

What it lacks in tidy it makes up for in delight. Keep Duo Quirky! :)


As long as it doesn't get in the way of questions and answers about Latin, it's fine.


A lot of blablah (but sometimes helpful about the Latin culture), but it's why I always give lingots to helpful questions, and upvote them. I never pass a question without giving lingots and upvotes.

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