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Questions still sink to the bottom! This is getting stupid very quickly!

Still, the default sorting of insights and questions is chronological, and the most useful questions ever asked still sink to the bottom... I suggest that DuoLingo make the default sorting by chronological order, but also have an option to sort by rating descending (seeing the most useful questions first) and ascending (seeing the most horrifically bad questions first :-)

I know this is a re-post, but I want to emphasize this point to all users, especially because questions that are exactly the same are asked millions of times over again... General questions about the difference between Nosotros and Nosotras.... It is groundhog day...

This is getting stupid really quickly, and I never ever see new questions, just the same old stuff... Including this post, because it won't be seen otherwise..

July 25, 2012

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Yes it's stupid. Please stop posting these threads.

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