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  5. "بِنْت وَجَدّة"

"بِنْت وَجَدّة"

Translation:a girl and a grandmother

September 30, 2019



Well, I've now been marked down for "a daughter and a grandmother", whereas previously I got marked down for "a girl and a grandmother". Surely BOTH are acceptable?


If it says "Another correct solution" then you did not get marked down. You were correct. DuoLingo is just showing another possible correct answer. This happens a lot with some word combinations.


it could be one or the other... , but making an error on that is not right. Also, I would like to point out that you always use feminine names for wife of an other wife...???


it could be one or the other...

We cannot see what it could be, hence we cannot help you unless you give the other options.


Was the other reply "a girl and a grandmother"? I just tried that, and it got rejected. Seems to me to be one possible meaning of it.


I wrote "a daughter and a grandmother" and it still accepted, but gave another solution: "a girl and a grandmother". But isn't بِنْت "daughter" and not girl??


The word بِنْت can be used for daughter, but it also means girl.


Hiya, from previous exercises, بِنْت means both "girl" (as opposed to boy/وَلَد) and "daughter" (as opposed to son/أبنْ). Since this comes under the "Family" theme (filiation), "a daughter and a grandmother" should have been accepted.


the word " جَدّة " is pronounced wrong by the computer voice, it must be pronounced as a voiced postalveolar affricate.

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