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  5. "Listen to my voice!"

"Listen to my voice!"

Translation:ghoghwIj yI'Ij!

September 30, 2019


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Is there a reason the answer couldn't be ghoghwIj pe'Ij! also? Or would something else be needed for addressing multiple people.


The imperative prefix pe- means that you are speaking to multiple people AND there is no object. So you could say, pe'Ij for "Listen!" when speaking to multiple people. But to include an object as in, "Listen to my voice!" it must be ghoghwIj yI'Ij!


This one is bugging me. In canon listen is translated with Qoy. I don't use 'Ij transitively.


In STV one of the lines is DIvI' Se' wI'IjtaHvIS DaH ngoqDe' wIHevta', which is transitive. But the proverb 'IwlIj ghogh yIQoy definitely uses Qoy for listening to a voice. I have had a lot of difficulty in determining when Qoy is more appropriate and when 'Ij is more appropriate. It's on my list of things to dig deep into with Marc, but it's got a fairly low priority on that list.


If even you have difficulties, why isn't "ghoghwIj yIQoy" an accepted translation here?


Because no one had yet submitted a report asking for it. However, even though there is still no report for it, I have added it now.

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