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"Maikaʻi ʻo ia ma ka pāʻani pōhili."

Translation:He is good at baseball.

September 30, 2019



"she is good in baseball.". I scrolled over "ma" and it does say that "in" is one of the translations. Maybe people say the phrase differently but I usually say a person is good "in" something rather than "at" something. Maybe that's just me.


Unless they are flagging me on my translation of "she" instead of "he". No more high school girls baseball team, get softball team though, so I guess I could be wrong. But get some girls that play baseball cause they made a tv show about one girl that was a pitcher in baseball.


I said "she" and it marked it correct. (But I said "at," not "in.") Iʻve honestly never heard anyone say someone is good in something.


So I figured out that I was being flagged cause I was saying "in" rather than "at". Is it wrong in english to say that someone is good "in" something?


I would understand it if someone said it to me, but it does sound weird. I always use "at". She is good at math. She is good at surfing. She is good at remembering anything she reads. She is good at baseball. Etc.


"good in basketball" doesn't sound weird to me at all and I am a native standard American English speaker. Since this isn't a class in English, and considering that a significant number of Hawaiian learners may be native Pigin speakers, please be open to perspectives different from your own.


she is a good baseball player

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