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  5. "My husband is very tired."

"My husband is very tired."

Translation:زَوْجي تَعْبان جِدّاً.

September 30, 2019



This wasn't covered by the course for me. I'm only familiar with the word husband


i am also very tired, but will be awakened by the sound that appears after i make this post

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Just to note: The word تعبان is more colloquial. The proper Arabic word would be تَعِب (ta3ib) or more commonly مُتْعَب (mut3ab).


The course is designed to be a formal colloquial dialect which can be spoken and understood in most formal-casual settings. It is not meant to teach the most formal version of the language. For that, you need a teacher.


All over the world, Arab people understand and appreciate the formal version of the language.

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