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  5. "You like cheese."

"You like cheese."

Translation:Caseus tibi placet.

September 30, 2019



Word-order is (for some reason) restricted: "Tibi placet caseus" didn't work.

(But, after all, it's the endings that matter, in an inflected language!)


Just report. There is no reason, it's only that you have to report the word orders that are correct and not accepted. I mean, you have to report them with the button "report", not here.

See here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33853120


Thank you, I've done both.


Reporting here doesn't work: just to inform you. Here it's the discussion between users, the report button is the report.


Yes, I do understand. When I post here, I'm not intending to report anything, but to start or join a discussion with people who may be interested in whatever question is raised. (Those not interested need not bother to discuss it.)


That is the understatement of the century


Isn't tu caseus tibi placet correct? I thought it was.


But is nominative, and tibi is dative. You would only have both, when the subject (YOU) is doing something to or for himself:

e.g., Tū tibi nocēs , "You are hurting yourself" (where the nominative pronoun is grammatically unnecessary, because the verb ending, -s, indicates a 2nd person singular subject; when used, it's emphatic).

Notice that, in this sentence, "cheese" is nominative (cāseus ) , therefore it's the subject of the 3rd person singular verb placet : "The cheese is pleasing to" + the word in the dative case.

"The cheese is pleasing to you" means "You like the cheese." But in the Latin sentence, "you" only appear in the dative case (tibi ), the one who is pleased by the cheese.


Well I got it right this time without the tu. You know, I'm dyslexic. I get it wrong all the time because of spelling errors. But sometimes I get it right despite spelling errors. Even when I made an intentional error. I usually report this as "my answer should not be accepted". Not anymore. When I have a perfectly litigate answer that is not accepted, I'm not going to bother reporting my intentional mistakes that they don't recognize.

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