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Getting Started In Hebrew

I am having a lot of trouble getting started in Hebrew? I do not have a reference for the spoken phrases so they are difficult to translate. Any tips or sites that can help me get started?

September 30, 2019



Do you know how to read the alphabet yet? If not I would start with:

cartoonhebrew.com WriteIt! Hebrew (free app) and/or Alef-Bet on Memrise as well as looking at some videos on youtube (I like Sesame Street Alef-Bet)

For vocabulary practice with audio 'Hebrew Duolingo' on Memrise has all the vocab for the Duolingo course with great audio

Drops also has good audio for Hebrew and is a fun way to learn some basic words (free five minutes a day) especially for visual learners.

Mango Languages also has a Modern Hebrew course which is free if you have a library subscription (just enter your library card number on their webside to see is your library is affiliated) and has great audio. I think it might be a bit more beginner friendly than the Duolingo course, but not as in depth grammar or vocab wise.


Thank you. I will check it out! I appreciate it.


following this discussion in hopes of an epiphany. Hebrew pronunciation is a bear. At least in Arabic we have the diacritics to help at first. Reading Hebrew without knowing where the vowels would be is steep climbing.

w cn d t n nglsh bt nly bcs w knw th lngg.

even that doesn't make sense?

we can do it in English but only because we know the language.


I really wish the Hebrew course included vowels. Alot of it is just memorization. That said, this post helped me understand the no vowel spelling better: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/7388681/Hebrew-Time-9-Reading-without-vowels


I agree. I have been using the snipping tool and it is starting to work. I can now recognize mom and dad and love and wine, etc, and it is a slow process. I am going to figure it out because it is challenging and fun. The tips should from other users should help. I have found primer books at book stores for other languages but not Hebrew and of course, that will not help when listening.


Even though duolingo does not use vowel dots (or uses them very sparingly) one reason I think they that are important to learn is because if understand them you can look up any word in the dictionary at https://www.morfix.co.il/אבא and get the full pronunciation with vowels, if you are ever in doubt.


☆ Amazing stuff - thanks!

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