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  5. "Where do you study?"

"Where do you study?"

Translation:Ubi studetis?

September 30, 2019



Would it be appropriate to use "you all" instead of just "you" when its plural? You could also use the Pittsburgh yinz :)

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I don't see why you couldn't, it helps clarify that it's plural. When I took Latin in high school, the teacher strongly advocated the use of "y'all."


Re: "Ubi studetis?" Years ago, I was told the title of the book "Quo Vadis" meant "where are you going?" What is the difference between Quo and Ubi, and why is Ubi preferred here? Could Quo be used if the exercise were freeform rather than preset? Thank you.


ubi is for a location without movement to or from.

ubi sumus? -> "Where are we?"

quo is for a location where there is a movement towards it.

quo imus? -> "(to) where are we going?"

Also in the course currently is unde which for a location where there is a movement from it.

unde venimus? -> "where are we coming from?"


Thank you. That makes it clear.


Thank you. I was confused since the difference between ubi and unde had not been explained in the tips.


Is it incorrect to say "Vos ubi studetis?"


You don't need vos, as stude- means study and -tis means you.


What is the significance of the "is" at the end of the word "studetis"?


The ending '-tis' is a second person plural ending. 'Where do you (more than one person) study?'


Why not Ubine studes? It's a question. Can't you add -ne to the girst word to signify it's a question?

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