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"Are you smart? Yes. I am smart."

Translation:bIval'a'? HISlaH. jIval.

September 30, 2019



Klingons use 'a' in questions, right?


Adding -'a' to a statement turns it into a yes/no question.

bIval You are smart.

bIval'a' Are you smart?

Other kinds of questions use question words like nuq what?, 'Iv who/whom?, nuqDaq where?, qatlh why?, ghorgh when?, chay' how?, 'ar how many/how much?


There seems to be an error with this question (and the other very similar one) where if I type " Suval'a'? HISlaH. jIval. " it says it's incorrect when in reality bIval'a' and Suval'a' are both correct. The other question is reversed: submitting bIval'a' instead is marked incorrect.


The Su- prefix indicates that the original question is being addressed to multiple people. So the answer should come from multiple people. Since the English indicates that only one person is answering, this exercises requires you to assume that the question is being asked only of one person, thus the prefix must be bI-.

I'm not sure what other question you are talking about, but if it is similar and uses "we" in the response, then for the same reasons, the singular bI- will not be accepted.

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