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Number of lessons per topic reduced

I logged on to do my lessons today and noticed that the number of lesson sets for each crown level has changed - it used to increase, going from 1-1-2-3-5 for crown level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. Today it seems that Duolingo has been updated so that each crown level only has one lesson set, which takes the total number of lesson sets for mastery from twelve down to just five.

This seems to me like it would seriously impact the amount learnt from each topic. I know that I can still repeat the lessons at crown level 5, but there's less of a sense of progression that way, and I'd have to manually track how many I'd done. Is there an explanation for this change?

(For notice, by 'lesson set' I mean the collection of different lessons in a topic, before the vocab and sentences start repeating)

EDIT: I've just seen this forum post: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33937433

I like the idea of having to go back and refresh it over time, I'm just worried that I wouldn't have learnt enough on my first time through before the skill degrades - or on the other hand, be too busy maintaining my current skills that I wouldn't move onto new skills as much

September 30, 2019



Exactly. The insane repetition was good for my learning, and how I was able to progress so well. I’ve emailed admin and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be returning to the 4-4-8-12-20 way that we all like. I’ve canceled my pro subscription and am currently looking for new apps. Duolingo has become utterly useless to me.


And yet ironically, Duolingo is making changes in order to try to increase PLUS subscriptions and retention.

A sign of things to come after IPO possibly?


I’m hoping they’ll realize they messed up once they see how many people cancel their subscriptions and stop using the app. They’ve already done this way before, before updating to the most current way. Why regress? The whole thing makes absolute no sense.


Some of the level 5s in Russian have 25 or 30 lessons! Yes, it's a struggle but I learn the skills so much better that way. Fortunately it looks like I'm still keeping all the reps, for which I'm grateful


"...I'm just worried that I wouldn't have learnt enough on my first time through before the skill degrades..."

You and me both.

Could the student choose how many lessons they did before advancing? It's not as if we are competing in a league?


Yeah that would be good (for me at least haha), or maybe have it linked to the daily XP goal that's been selected?


Add me to the list of unhappy people. I purposely left some space for those lessons that needed more time, then all of a sudden they are at level 5. Ridiculous. I know that I don't know those lessons well enough. Will have to create a second account probably just to make sure I know what I'm doing.


I'd done some Spanish before starting the course on here so was testing out of levels 1-3. I've learned so much from the variations in 4 & 5 even if they were unnecessarily repetitive. The course is just muh muh muh now.

Editing to add: just finished the last 4 skills of the 4th block to level 5. These were the tricky ones with the pronouns. I don't feel any better off 'cause these were the ones I really needed to hammer home. So disappointed.


I am a Pro member and I concur with what everyone here is saying. I would want to review your research Duo. Reducing from 4+4+8+12+20=48 to 4+4+4+4+4=20 or to ~40% of previous rigor will eliminate learning.

With so many protests and not a single person in support of your change, why do you want to keep the change? Sometimes models don't capture the real world well. This seems to be one of those cases. Please revert. Or, at least allow users to pick between the two models.


I like that idea as well, at least allow us to choose what we want. Like a heavy learning mode that extends lesson versus the current state of light learning. Im glad you agree. I hope that everyone keeps voicing the discern. I also wonder who really is in support of the change.


I just noticed this also. If it's going to stay this way, that really sucks. The amount of lessons that they had per topic was just enough for me to learn everything, and now their shortening it. I know I can always click on it again after I finish if I need to, but still, really Duo?


And apparently if you “practice” a guilded skill more than three times, you don’t get any XP. So there goes any leaderboard points.


You can always make a second account, test up to the level you're at, and repeat the lessons on your new tree. Delete the language and add it again so you can reset the lessons and get the repetition. It's not ideal but a work around. I've had the shortened lessons for months already and really miss the longer/harder lessons.


Please, please please increase the number of lessons per topic again. You don't have to make as many for level 4 as there used to be, but now it's possible to get through level 4 in a few minutes which is really not enough exercise to make the knowledge "set".


Wait a second, WTF!!! They said that only the last two levels will be reduced. So I expected that we will go from 1-1-2-3-5 to something like 1-1-2-2-3. If they make it 1-1-1-1-1, than that is horrible.

To make things worse, I can't even see the number of lessons on the damn site. I've got ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ percentages.


It’s more the levels 3-5. All levels now have 4 lessons as opposed to the 4-4-8-12-20 structure. I hate it!


Yup so disappointing.


I had a 1-1-1-1-1 lesson in German I got to golden doing five lessons it was stupid I felt like I’d barely learnt anything really wish they’d reconsider this feature


Just a heads up, if you don't remove the swear word in your post, the mods will remove the entire post and thread. (Happened to me the other day)

I totally understand your frustration though.


Language learning site banning words. Gotta love the irony.


Thanks for the heads up! Just another reason to leave Dúo behind- I hate censorship!


I am curious if this is true since I just started last week!


That is weird. I wonder what happend not that I have been doing Doulingo that long. I started last year and took a break over the summer. I am back at it now.


There are numerous threads about this already, and unfortunately it doesn't look like they will be reverting this change any time soon. If you read their blog post here, they talk about the metrics behind what they decide to change on the site. Here's an excerpt:

I implemented four filters for this tool: Lexemes per Lesson: This measures the average number of vocabulary items taught in each lesson of the skill. We’ve found that keeping this number between 6 and 7 is optimal for making sure that each lesson has enough content, but not too much content.

Lessons per Skill: This measures the number of lessons in the 0th level of each skill. Again, we’ve found that there’s a sweet spot between 4 and 6 lessons for this metric.

Here are a few threads with people very unhappy about this change (myself included):

Gold Skills and Spaced Repetition

Less Lessons to Get Crowns?

New changes

Very Sad About New Changes

Please let us demote a skill!

Now there are too few lessons at levels two, three and four

Dramatic and unwanted changes to my tree

NEW AB TEST:fewer lessons

The only silver lining to this new change is that an admin responded in the "Gold Skills and Spaced Repetition" thread saying they are looking into increasing the difficulty of level 5 so it's more like level 4. How long that will take is anyone's guess.

Lastly, in an interview with the CEO of Duolingo, he explicitly states that he doesn't listen to suggestions and/or feedback from from the forum because we're the "Loud Minority". Here's the link. Pretty eye-opening interview.


this hasn't hit me yet. is it that they are reducing the number of lessons but making them longer, or just removing content? the latter would suck.


Same length lessons, just fewer repetitions before crown level 5


Spaced repetition works in such a way that, aside from having a set number of time in between repetition, gold skills will degrade when you get previously learned words wrong constantly. It will continually adapt to your learning needs.

Idk if I rembered that correctly and if it really goes like this.


I wouldn't know I just started but that's weird D:


Yeah I agree - but anyway, welcome to Duolingo and good luck with your Hawaiian course! :)


I started a petition to go back to the old way. Some android users have reported that their lessons have been restored but not for iPhone. Please visit this link to sign.


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