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"Yes, I am going to watch the game."

Translation:ʻAe, e nānā ana nō au i ka pāʻani.

September 30, 2019



why is "ho'okūkū" not accepted in place of "pāʻani"?


I think because ho'okūkū is not just a game, it is a tournament.


Elsewhere though, they accept "ho'okūkū" for "game" in the sentence "what is the score of the game?" hmmm...


I had an error (left out "ana") but I think Duo had the typo: "You have a typo. ʻAe, e nānā ano au i ka pāʻani."


Why is nō necessary in this sentence?


Aloha mai! "Nõ" is not entirely necessary from a grammatical standpoint, but it makes sense within the context of this sentence. "Nõ" means something like "indeed".

The usage of "nõ" gives me the impression that this sentence is in response to a question like "e nānā ana 'oe i ka pā'ani i kēia lā?" This statement with "nõ" would then make sense in that sort of context, as it's confirming something presupposed.

That's my impression, at least. I hope this helped! Aloha.


"'Ae, e nānā ana nō au i ka ho'okūkū." is wrong. The scroll down gives "ka ho'okuku" as an option. I have to figure out what part of this is wrong.


Whether a word exists in the Hints or in the Tiles, you still have to make the correct choice depending on the structure and context of the sentence.

As a recommendation, try to not use the Hints hyperlink text. Turn off the Tiles when given the option to do so. You may learn faster if you have to draw vocabulary from memory. The cadence will become better ingrained in your natural language instincts.

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