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  5. "I am eating a hot chili."

"I am eating a hot chili."

Translation:Azeeʼdíchʼííʼ yishą́.

October 1, 2019



Dear duolinguo I would like to ask you when you plan to have audio for Dine bisaad navajo. Because not only the tones are hard to get and the nasal vowels but also the spelling conventions are rather uncommon. As a place to start with, wikimedia has thousands od samples from where you could build up an automated speech system in just a few days.


They are adding it now. Some of the early lessons have sound now. :)


I support the request for audio.

My question:. I have finally gotten the Navajo keyboard on my phone. I typed this answer. I had one letter off with the wrong accent. One wrong accent can make a word wrong? Thank you


How did you get the Navajo keyboard?


I cannot have the navajo keyboard since I already have a few ones on my phone... Is there a way then to write correctly? We would also appreciate to know how the different spellings are pronounced to write and memorize better.

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