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  5. "Are your daughters in Rome?"

"Are your daughters in Rome?"

Translation:Suntne filiae tuae Romae?

October 1, 2019



why is "suntne tuae filiae romae" considered wrong here?


I can't see anything wrong with it myself; just different word order, which isn't wrong here.


I'm no expert, but Duo keeps bouncing my responses in which I've placed a possessive pronoun adjective like "your" or "my" in front of the noun. I'm assuming they need to go after the noun? Or at least beta Duo currently does. Feb 2020


Yeah, me too, guessing 'vestrae' which was given to me as the correct answer is plural, though we haven't been given it in the hints thus far. Have submitted a report but as there is no room for comments i can't see how they'll know what my problem is.


"Romaene sunt filiae tuae" was marked wrong; however, it seems to me that the word "in Rome" is the one carrying the question, as it were. It's not as though only verbs can be marked with -ne; but you want to put the -ne right away, at the beginning of the sentence (to show your interlocutor that you're asking a question).


I put Filiae tuae romae suntne but got it wrong. Any ideas why?


The ending -ne goes on the first word of a sentence. You would have to move suntne to the start.


Ah ok! Thank you!


Suntne tuae filiae Romae should be right, I think. They had accepted the possessive before or after the noun so far.

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