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Mahalo to the makers of Duolingo 'Olelo Hawai'i! Hana hou ke 'olu'olu!

I put in some crazy hours and did it in less than 2 months and won the Pueo and did every lesson through level 5! I definitely need the next level of lessons though. This got me started on the journey but i'm so so far away from being any good at it. I know I'm not the only one who became ultra motivated this summer to learn the language cause of everything that was going on. So I watched Kulaiwi 24 episodes on youtube first. Then I watched all the 13 episodes Ka leo Oiwi TV. Then my friend recommended this so I got started in this. I also found some books to help me learn that I bought years ago and I got the dictionary so I'm moving on to that next.

Mahalo Nui to all the contributors. Some of you I know were involved in the TV productions that's now posted on youtube. I love those episodes, and I figure, even though Kulaiwi was filmed back in the 90's, that if "Full House" which is also from the 90's can get rebooted with the original cast, then "Kulaiwi" which everybody loves can also get rebooted for season 3. MAHALO NUI!

October 1, 2019



E hoʻomaikaʻi, e ke hoa~~!


KekoaMonkey, are you one of the Hawaiian language moderators?


Aloha e @rabelon , No I am not. I am also a fellow haumāna but have been studying ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi for several years now. I am also fortunate enough to not only be of Hawaiian descent but also to have had an upbringing in Hawaiian culture within the home (where pigin was spoken freely). I want to help others learn and understand ʻŌlelo, especially on Duolingo since now there is so much access to the language, but with much still missing to provide a well-rounded approach to learning any Polynesian language (like really). I knew from Day 1 that this would be a very difficult path for those who are not immersed in a Hawaiian cultural foundation and frame of mind to understand, so I try to help with what I do know. I believe part of my Kuleana is to contribute what I can when I can, in general, and definitely with respect to Hawaiian Studies matters.

That was a little bit of my background, how about yourself @rabelon?

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