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"How many white togas are in the shop?"

Translation:Quot togae candidae sunt in taberna?

October 1, 2019



Does anyone know why Duo doesn't accept "albae" as "white"?


You can report it. The toga alba = toga virilis was the plain white everyday toga that indicated you were a citizen, while the toga candida was a brighter toga worn by candidates for public office. Either should work.


Duo accepted 'togas candidas' as correct also. Can anyone please explain this? Thanks


It's the nominative here, not "togas" (= the accusative plural)

The white togas are in the shop.
If they did accept, they shouldn't, and it should be reported via a screenshot and a post in the troubleshooting forum.


"Togas candidas" is wrong.


This way: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34062462
I don't know why this has so few upvotes.


I put 'togas candidas' too and got it right but it is calling my mistake 'typos'.


Perhaps to encourage, mistakes such as using the incorrect declension, and togas candidas is a mistake, are allowed to pass with a note that says 'typos.' It should just be called and counted as incorrect, but DL is a computer / bot, so exactly what gets counted as a typo and as incorrect can be an adventure. As this is the beta version, you can click on 'My answer was incorrect' to alert them to the glitch.


That happened to me too. I am just not sure if I can do it on other questions and still get it right. I'm not even sure if it's correct. I'm kind of a beginner.


Why must you place the nominative immediately after "Quot"? If not, the system does not accept your answer: "Quot in taberna togae candidae sunt."


It's the beta version. Click on 'my answer should be accepted' and maybe someone will get around to fixing it.


I thought the order of a sentence in Latin was not essential.... I typed Quot in taberna togae candidae sunt? and it was wrong


It's a legit variation. Latin syntax is not entirely a free-for-all; there were definite tendencies. DL creators can only put in so many variations without going mad. You can Report it.


"Albae togae" instead of "candidae togae" was rejected: I know what a "toga candida" means in ancient Rome, but this sentence is out of context, so I would report this.


Yah, the plain white everyday toga, here togae albae, should work.

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