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"How does Iuppiter hurl a thunderbolt?"

Translation:Quomodo Iuppiter fulmen contorquet?

October 1, 2019



Does a sentence with a question word like quomodo always have to begin with the question word? I was marked wrong for a word order issue i.e. Iuppiter quomodo fulmen contorquet ?


It makes sense that the question word will start the sentence, so that the listener knows what the question is.


That would depend on the flexibility of the language. Starting with the question word in this case is pretty well required in English, but perhaps not in Latin. It might be that the speaker wants to bring the listener's mind first to Iuppiter, and then ask the question about him.

If the quomodo needs to come first, the developers should have capitalized it, as they do with many other sentences.


Could we use a synonym for contorquet, namely conicit?


They also accept the Anglicized spelling 'Jupiter,' if I remember correctly.


No they don't... ☹️


So is the Latin course still in Beta? I also notice that there is lots of audio missing.


Marked wrong for a word-order issue: I wrote Quomodo fulmen contorquet Iuppiter? (as if there were a discussion about different gods' hurling-the-thunderbolt techniques!).


Ita vero!

And have reported it again.


I believe it's not useful to report several times the same thing. (I think!). Seems to add even more workload to their queue, and delaying the adding of alternative solutions.


I believe it's not useful to report several times the same thing. (I think!).

When I was a contributor to the German course, I found multiple reports of the same translation useful, because in the back-end, it tells you how many people have reported a given translation.

So it wouldn't show you a bunch of unsorted report but would say something like "(10) Bla bla bla" and "(3) Blu blu blu" and "(1) Bli bli bli" and you could see that 10 people had reported one version and 3 the other.

Alternatives with just one report are much more likely to be simply typos (e.g. someone reporting Quomodo Iuppiter fulmen contirquet?), whereas alternatives with multiple reports are more likely to be worth looking at first.

I don't know how the course contributors here (prefer to) do things, of course.


Thanks for the comment--it makes sense, to me; and at the level of the participant, all one can do is offer one's advice/expertise (such as it is, and it may well be wrong) in the hope that it is helpful.


The trouble is that there are so many things that need reporting in this course, particularly in relation to the audios, that unless you add a comment to the discussion at the same time (which some suggest is not the right thing to do), it is impossible to keep track of what you've already reported. I'm sure that, as a consequence, there are sentences that I've reported multiple times.


Yes; I operate under the assumption that other users are reading the comments (if they're interested), and may recognize similar problems (or questions) that they're having. Anything I want to report to the moderators officially, I do through the "report" buttons.


Good question.


Probably best not to ask for a demonstration

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