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  5. "Esto es una orden."

"Esto es una orden."

Translation:This is an order.

April 22, 2013



given that la orden is feminine shouldn't it be 'esta' not 'esto'?


But isn't "orden " masculine ? shoudn't it be "esto es un orden "?


As mentioned elsewhere, "el orden" is the state of order, calm, or organization, and "la orden" is a specific command, rule or ordering scheme.


"Esto" is not masculine or feminine it is neutral. Masculine would be "Este" Femeneine "Esta". http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/demonstratives.htm Each demonstrative pronoun also has a neuter form. They do not change for number or gender, and they are used to refer to abstract ideas, or to an unknown object.

esto (this matter, this thing) eso (that matter, that thing) aquello (that matter/thing over there)

Hope this helps.

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