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  5. "Hodie patrem nostrum visito."

"Hodie patrem nostrum visito."

Translation:Today I visit our father.

October 1, 2019



This is one of the best recorded sentences I've heard in Latin Duolingo. Some others, even by the same speaker, and noisy, but whatever he did here he did right.

  • 1894

One year later, I have a problem with this recording as there is some issue with the beginning of the recording that quite hurts my ears when I do the lesson with headphones. I don't know how to call this issue in English, google translate suggests "puncture of sound", but I've no idea if it's correct.


Could this also imply that you are going to visit later on today?

In English we can say "I am going to the store today" to mean "At some point I am going to the store today".

Does it work the same way in Latin?


No continuous present in Latin. So, I guess: yes.


Ooo! I got caught out there, thinking Patron not father!

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